Elephant Evan

Plush n Stuff was established in 2013. Originally affiliated to one of the largest specialist retailers of plush toys in Sydney, Plush n Stuff has become a prolific online retailer and now ships all products from Queensland.

We can promise you we have an excellent understanding of what customers want when purchasing a plush toy. Some people buy plush toys for themselves and many buy them for loved ones as special gifts. We can promise you we know the industry well and have well developed contacts and excellent relationships with each of the suppliers in Australia.

Our personal commitment is to do our utmost to ensure that our customers are delighted with their purchases and with the service they receive from Plush n Stuff.

The product images you see on this site
Plush n Stuff's policy is to use  manufacturer images as first preference. At times, we take our own product photos where the manufacturer images may be lacking or we feel that they do not show the product well enough on a website.

For an example of some of our own product photos, search for "chompers". You will notice in many (but not in all) of our images you will see the manufacturers labels still attached.

We protect our images with metadata. If you want to use our images please contact us to avoid copyright infringement.